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Smart Car
We have never driven a car that gets as much attention as our Smart Car.
People usually ask some of the same questions:
No, it's not electric. The smart has a three cylinder gas engine.
Gas millage is around 40 mpg.
Yes it is very safe. The smart has one of the best crash test ratings of any car.
The car is basically a roll cage with a car built around it.
There is a surprising amount of room inside.  We can easily get 12 to 15 toner cartridges in the back.  One of the strangest things is that when you are driving  the car it does not really feel that small.

There was a waiting list to be able to get one.  We made our reservation in November of 2007 and received our Smart in February 2008.
If you have any questions about our Smart feel free to call.
The best way to get general information about Smart Cars is to go to the Smart USA web site.

Thank you,

Tom and Sharon Young

Our "Sales: Policy

We started Future Supply in 1988
This was the only year that I ever made sales calls.  I had to find out how many businesses had laser printers.  It was kind of funny. I would call a business and ask if they used laser printers and at that time not many even knew what they were.  I found most of the time they would ask me what in the world a laser printer was and some truly thought I was making the whole thing up.

Times have certainly changed.  Now most businesses use laser printers and copiers.

I no longer make sales calls.............

This may seem a bit strange but I am not a salesman or at least not one that can, or will, make sales calls.  I hate getting sales calls all day long and I am sure my customers are the same way.

If someone calls me I will be happy to answer any questions that they may have, even if it is about something that we don't sell.  Again this may sound strange , but we have built a business on helping people.  Most of the time we can help them save money on re-manufactured laser printer or copier toner cartridges.  But sometimes someone may call with a question about an inkjet or printer that we don't offer cartridges for.  Still I am here to help and I have even been known to recommend a different company if it is something that we can't supply.

After 23 years we have grown our business mostly by word of mouth.  One satisfied customer tells another.  We will occasionally send out a direct mail post card just to let more people know that we are here and I feel this is the least obtrusive way to contact people.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the web site.  And as always feel free to call if you have any questions.

Thank you
Tom and Sharon Young

Owners, Future Supply